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LF#1 has STAR testing this week- she has also had diarrhea and vomited a lot. After sitting in urgent care, then the lab for blood tests, then urgent care again, she is holding her tummy lying on that paper sheet, waiting for the doctor to see her. “How many pregnancy magazines can I read? I am not even expecting!” I ask her.  “Maaamaaaa… stop making me laugh, it hurts.”

Then they hand us a hat-like thingy and tell us to get a sample for a stool test- “eew” says” LF#1, “gross” think I. “If I do this sweetie- you be good to me when I’m old,” Saying a prayer for my own mom, I put on those latex-free gloves and then NOTHING! the same kid who was running to the bathroom every half hour. Nothing for a whole day!

Next we are sent to …. the ultrasound diagnostic center! “Doctor? the lab slip says abdomen scan but you booked her for both a pelvis and abd,” the receptionist calls the GP.  “Really?” I hear the GP’s voice over the phone in the dead quiet reception. “Ok, do both.” Ha, great sales tactic, I would hire her.

Lets just say I thought her first ultrasound would be 15 years from now and after it we would go shopping at Babies R Us.  Man, that tech was thorough. She checked every organ my child possessed and many I didn’t even know existed.

2 hours later we are back at the GP office. He says no mono, Praise the Lord! no bacterial infection Alhamdulillah! Ultrasound is ‘unremarkable’. Unremarkable? there is nothing unremarkable about my baby…oh wait  Thank God!

“Then what is it, doctor?” I ask. “Well, it may be STAR testing anxiety!” replies the doctor, sagely.

Are you for real? I have heard of test anxiety– there is even books on how to overcome them but severe vomiting! How much pressure does a 9-year-old have on her?

Have you ever had a child get ‘sick of school’?

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