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I have fallen in love with Shalwar Kamees again- 2010 brings with it long sleeves and über long, flowing kamees. Gone are the horrid capris and short shirts – Alhamdulillah. Can only pray that covering witha duppata/hijab becomes fashion one day.

I wanted to share some of my favorites- This is by Karma, black and chunri what more could I ask for except the sleeves-

I adore the length and shape is taking me back t0 the early 90’s. It’s so feminine and NOT raunchy.

Karma at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week

Here is another one that made my heart sings- I am still FASHION FABULOUS under my abaya

Nayna's Rust Bling Thing

I had never heard of this designer before- here is a link to  an interview with Saman Arif- the designer behind Naynas. The asymmetry in the shirt is an update on an old classic Mughal Princess (Anarkali) kurta , the kaam (hand embroidery) looks exquisite.

This a traditional peshwaas worn by Mughal era women-

The royal lines ran through Elan’s collection- I was suitably impressed by the following outfits- mostly whites. I noticed as I was looking through my cousin’s wedding pictures and the PFDC fashion show- the colors are really muted beiges, nudes and whites – very few bright fuchsias and turquoises- which I adore.  But jewel tones like garnet, amethyst and sapphire were still worn enthusiastically.

Elan was Elegant

Elan Regally White

Maria B Beige & blessed

Red, simple and elegant- this outfit was the showstopper for me.

Kamiar Rokni's show stopper

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