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Planning my weekly menu

Meatless Monday: Mattar Paneer  Cheese and Peas Curry ( can substitute Tofu for Cheese)

Tuesday: Chicken Palow, Raita & Kachumar

Wednesday: Pan Roasted Steak with Toasted Broccoli Sunflower Seeds

Thursday: Boneless Chicken Pasta with Spinach in a Bechamel Sauce, Salad

Friday : Still planning this -I have to cook a fabulous dinner b/c my sweet sister in loves (inlaws) & brother in loves are coming for the RIS Conference. InshaAllah. I am soo excited about this conference, finally my kids are old enough to attend one. Will be writing about it through the week iA.

Between our weekend school graduation, planning our Road to Jannah Summer School for our masjid, organizing a family oriented Islamic Camp/Retreat for our community, waiting to become an aunt (first one from my hubbie’s side) and RIS this is going to a crazy week- Allah taa’la help me. Pray for me.

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