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Summer is here and I am shopping for swimsuits  for  my girls- modest swimwear. After toddlerhood, I have tried to dress them modestly while swimming. I know a lot of people say they are only kids, its ok.  I  don’t think that I can let them wear skimpy bathing suits all their childhood and then expect them not to be rebellious when they turn 13.  That happened to me, I was allowed to wear swimsuits and shorts and then suddenly asked to stop; I was so upset with my mother for such a long time.  May Allah forgive me.  On the other hand I think children should be allowed to be kids and have fun. They should definitely know how to swim.

We have done soccer shirt and shorts over one pieces. Dance tights over one pieces with the cute skirts on them.  I would buy the one piece and the skirt from a two piece. The transition has been gradual.

Land’s End has these Rash guards on sale for $19.50 add some spandex tights and a skort:

The ideal rule would be if I would not like them to wear something out of the house then I would not like them to wear it in the water; being at the pool doesn’t mean you leave your values at home. So we pieced stuff together but always thought it shouldn’t be this hard. Alhamdulillah they now they have so many quality options:

I would also ask women of other faith to take the a look at these sites, they have great options for all body types: do you love swimming, the sun, the beach but are concerned about skin cancer, sensitive skin, sunburns, have a scar or have gained weight? May be you are a modest woman who doesn’t want to flaunt her body but wants to enjoy God’s favors, nature, water. I have no connection with any of these sites- just putting the links up to help my readers out- Veilkini, Bodykini, Burkini, Splashgear.

Modest swimsuits

This one is from modestkini.com for 29 pounds around $65 .

They are cute but I was hoping for ankle length for my older daughter.

Fabric : 190gr, 20% Dupont Lycra and 80% Nylon

Doesn’t have padding or lining to avoid unnecessary weight. It comes in 2 pieces; dress and short.

They deliver WORLDwide. Delivery is  FREE for U.K.  £6 for EU, £9 for other countries so for us in the U.S it would be $20

Primomoda makes these for girls for $65

I love the skirt on the one of the right it is a one piece that you zip up at the back- My girls love the blue/green color combination for the one left and you can get it in full length pants

A perfect solution for your little Muslimah! This two piece swimsuit is a babydoll, three-quarter sleeve dress with a pair of capri bottoms. The mid-thigh length top contains ties at the sleeves and a scoop neck.  Both the chest and crotch have extra lining.  The capris and the inside of the top tie together to keep the top from riding up.• Approved for use at all pools
• Ultraviolet protected and chlorine resistant
• Quick Drying Thermodry Technology
• 78% polyamide & 22% spandex
• Low water absorbency
• Also available in Long Sleeves and Full length pants

My friend owns the ladies version in purple from Primamoda and said this:

It is made from thicker material so not as clingy and I also bought one size up. However, the INSTANT you rise out of the water you have to pull it away and wear a towel briefly, until it dries. However, I think some muhajabe needs to design a little towel-bolero thing so we could throw that on just after getting out of the pool. Otherwise have had very good experiences and feedback. I like that is is two piece. This two piece suit contains a pair of pants and a top made of the same material. The straight leg pants have an elastic pull at the ankle to keep it in place. A swimming cap (hijab) is attached to the top for added comfort and practicality. The top and pants tie together to keep the top from riding up.

• Approved for use at all pools
• Ultraviolet protected and chlorine resistant
• Quick Drying Thermodry Technology
• 78% polyamide & 22% spandex
• Low water absorbency

This is ON SALE for $130- free shipping

Ruby’s enterprise which is based in Singapore has this absolutely cute print for one for $35 dollars and it has a scarf/head-covering too!

If you have an older daughter, 11 and older try the Burqini for girls/Burkini selection. They have great reviews the materials they use dries up super fast.

Sporty look

Burqini for girls

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