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May Allah give you a blessed Jummah. The next time we complain about spaces we get to pray in or about the decor of our masajid, or how far we have to drive for the congregational prayer, please remember the salat of these brothers in Kazakhstan. Look at the peace on their snow-covered faces even while praying on the freezing ground. May Allah accept their worship and make us one of the  mo’mineen. Ameen

Jummah in Kazakhstan

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To a lover, a hundred thousand lives are nothing without the Beloved. He who has lived for something other than Him, were it Adam himself, has been driven out.
The dwellers in paradise know that the first thing they must give up is their heart.
Farid udin Attar

This Friday, I want to spend some time reflecting, giving up my heart to God. To turn off the world and take deep breath and ask my heart to say the One Lord’s name. To clear out my qalb, remove my ties to the dunya for a bit and think only of my Lord with whom lies eternal happiness.
Happy Jumah.

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