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A Love Story

Reading this story made my heart ache thinking about how ungrateful we are, how quickly we get unsatisfied with our husbands whom we claim to love. These days when Brangelina is the ultimate in relationships, when Muslim girls look up to Kareena Kapoor to show them what love is- you come upon a girl like this, a man like this. How pure their love is. For the sake of Allah. May Allah grant him shifa’a kamilah and pious children & make our daughters like her-women who understand that their one true love is Allah and a man who loves Him is worthy of being their companion.

A Different Kind of True Story Hijab flutter ~ Amira | Source: SaudiLife By Faraz Omar The exceptional characteristics some people display are quite dumbfounding really, particularly when you put yourself in their shoes. This story published in today’s Saudi Gazette is one such. Unfortunately, the Gazette didn’t publish it online, but one can find it in the Feb. 18 print edition on Page 3. Let me type the story up for you: JEDDAH — The love between an Islamic preacher with sp … Read More


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May Allah give you a blessed Jummah. The next time we complain about spaces we get to pray in or about the decor of our masajid, or how far we have to drive for the congregational prayer, please remember the salat of these brothers in Kazakhstan. Look at the peace on their snow-covered faces even while praying on the freezing ground. May Allah accept their worship and make us one of the  mo’mineen. Ameen

Jummah in Kazakhstan

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Wheelchairs that will never get to the needy

So we were watching PBS Newshour Sunday nite and my seven year old watching the horror unfolding on screen asked me what was going on? I told her about the flotilla taking food and playground equipment to the Palestinians in Gaza and how it was attacked by the Israeli Army. Unable to comprehend the reasoning behind why women, babies and international humanitarian aid workers including former U.S. Ambassador Edward Peck who were on board were stopped on international waters and attacked with electrical shocks, and killed with automatic rifles, she said, ” Mama we should ALL go on boats there, they won’t be able to kill all of us.” Maybe kids should rule the world.

Shocked activists on Tuesday recounted how Israeli troops stormed on deck firing tear gas, electroshock weapons and real bullets at unarmed passengers as they raided the ill-fated Gaza aid flotilla. Why are the Israeli afraid of media? If you don’t watch anything else watch this to understand how this week’s events are playing out- you owe to yourself. Or take a look at if Americans knew, which is run by a American journalist. I am a Muslim and I was lulled into believing the ‘relative calm’ nonsense.

For Muslims, Imam Zaid addressed this last weekend at the RIS conference– He urged everyone to join AMP (American Muslims for Palestine), to curb our emotional responses to the news cycle and do consistent actions as a 62 year old problem cannot be undone easily AND he urged everyone to pray.

“This is base hypocrisy sending aid to natural disasters in Haiti while denying aid to people of YOUR man made disasters…You can turn back a set of boats, but you can’t turn back a set of sound principles. You can deny the Palestinians food, but you can’t deny them the food and medicines that nourish and heal their hearts. If you are sending out boats simply to deny the young and the old and the sick and the weak much-needed aid, you are already DEFEATED, you are already defeated, you are DEFEATED.” Imam Zaid Shakir

'Weapons' found in the flotilla

Listening to this, I wonder what kind of items were prohibited into Gaza.The list is abominable:

Prohibited Items*

sage, cardamom,cumin,coriander, ginger, jam, halva, vinegar, nutmeg, chocolate, fruit preserves, seeds and nuts, biscuits and sweets, potato chips, gas for soft drinks, dried fruit, fresh meat, plaster, tar, wood for construction, cement, iron, glucose, industrial salt, plastic/glass/metal containers, industrial margarine, tarpaulin sheets for huts, fabric (for clothing), flavor and smell enhancers, fishing rods

Why would you deny any human being these items?

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I have landed myself in a quagmire.   Last week I opened Facebook to a ton of congratulatory updates on a young woman from Michigan winning Ms. USA. Someone forwarded a post by a and then I hopped from site to site and found so much more cheering, When I read the Muslim references to her win in Muslim media, I felt sincere anger, so I wrote this and sent it to Muslim Matters. I don’t have a long history with any sites or forums, it was purely a reader’s reaction and a call for help, for people to think about the effect it has on our kids. If they hadn’t printed it, I would have sent it somewhere else. Thanks for giving me a voice.

Somehow I ended up on this brother’s blog amidst a fallout ?  I don’t know of the history behind blog groupings, haven’t been around long enough. I just started this blog in February hoping to meet a few good Muslimahs. Lets just say the last week has been absolutely horrible. I did not realize what I was getting into. I jumped in without floaties into the deep blue sea. Maybe being around babies all day makes you naïve, impulsive and hecka protective.

I left journalism 10 years ago to raise my kids. I was a producer for CNBC Asia.  The world has changed since then. I used to do either breaking news or planned assignments. Blogging is a whole new ball game, with instant comments and follow ups, now every word is an attack and can be attacked- I don’t have a thick enough skin YET.

There is so much viciousness, it  disturbed me when I was reading some posts around the web. Some do demoralize you instead of giving you a moral boost. I read my post now after getting a peek into this dark side of the blogsphere- I shudder. My article does sound much meaner in spirit than I meant. I still think something needed to be said but in a wiser way.

My intent was not to personally vilify any of the writers. I was harsh in some of my wordings.  I realized how it felt when your name is used in negative connotations when I ‘googled myself’- that was an experience!

I am a just a mom in suburbia worried about the world her kids will inherit- not some mega blogger. But what ever good I was saying was swept up in the controversy. Go through my blog, it is as benign a you can imagine. I wasn’t out to become somebody. I did not know the politics or rivalries. My concerns were my kids and the youth I work with.

Why was I so worked up-honestly. Being called judgemental and a hater esp. in the comments really affected me, I couldn’t sleep. Most people didn’t even read the whole thing  just judged the article by it title: which was originally, Too much at stake. It is hard to draw that line; we should be able to call a sin a sin without being accused of hating the sinner. However,

Rasulullah (SAW) said, ‘A Mu’ min is a mirror for a Mu’min.’ (Abu Dawud)

– so if even one person thinks I was being judgemental then I say Astaghfirullah, may Allah forgive me- I fear Allah that he may me take to account due to my words.

May be I should have reread this before hitting send.

don’t be bitter my friend you’ll regret it soon
hold to your togetherness or surely you’ll scatter don’t walk away gloomy from this garden ~ Rumi

BUT there is always Allah to turn back to-

Come follow me and you will find the way. Your mistakes can also lead you to the Truth. When you ask, the answer will be given ~ Rumi

I ask Allah (SWT) to guide me to use words that uphold the truth but that do not hurt. My sister says just  write about positive things Apa. My brother says Khair ki baat karein- talk about good. If my niyyah is to obey Ta’ muroona bil ma’roof, wa tanhawna ‘anil munkar, wa tu’minoona bil-Laah, I need to rememeber Alaa inna awliyaa Allah, la khawfunalayhim wala hum yahzanoon.

Behold, on the Friends of Allah, there is no fear and no grief

Ya Ay-yuhal-latheena ‘aamanut taqul-laaha, wa qooloo qawlan sadeedaa. Yuslih-lakum a’maalakum wa yaghfir lakum thunoobakum, wamay yu-til-laaha warasoolah, faqad faaza fawzan atheemaa.”

O You who believe, – Be aware of Allah, and speak a straightforward word. He will forgive your sins and repair your deeds. And whoever takes Allah and His prophet as a guide, has already achieved a mighty victory.

Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanavi said-

“I consider every current Muslim and every non Muslim, as far as the future is concerned to be superior to me.” This because who knows when in the future they will repent or do something to please Allah, who will love them so much more than me. This is what I truly feel.

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